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Like Socrates, we use listening, the power of questions and dialogue.

Our mission:

To help buyers, companies, managers or individuals to advance and develop their potential holistically, achieve their set goals, discover new ones, and act within ethical confines they have set for themselves.

Ideal help to follow individuals and companies in developing new opportunities, positive, creative and inter-cultural changes.

Our company name is devoted to Socrates, because like the greek philosopher we believe that people and organizations carry all the necessary potential within them to develop themselves.

We consider that self-consciousness, integration exchange of cultural differences, not forgetting a pinch of creativity, are beneficial conditions.

Our core values are:

Positivity – search for advantages and development of available skills.
Courage – in making choices, as well as facing challenges.
Creativity – in search for right solutions and giving proposals.
Endurance – in sustaining changes over time.
Sustainability – the search for changes that withstand the test of time.

What do we do?

As our base of operations is consulting, we gravitate to develop all of our company’s activities from month to month, year to year, our own as well as
our clients which always come first.

Socrat consulting has several business sectors in which we offer maximal support:
  • Custom software development
  • Updating, patching & maintaining software already in place
  • Help companies service & maintain their existing IT infrastructure
  • Consulting services for informational technologies